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Common seasonal pests occurring in the Fall/Winter

Common seasonal pests occurring in the Winter
Upon arrival of the shorter days and cooler weather, many insects move indoors to seek refuge from the cold. They congregate around the warm sunny sides of homes and buildings and enter over the winter until the following spring. Unfortunately, many of these pests will find their way into the living area of your home, sometimes in very large numbers. Some of these pests include:

Insects aren’t the only ones who will seek refuge from the cold inside of your home. Mice, gray and flying squirrels will take advantage of any opening in your home and enter attic spaces or wall voids. Home owners will hear noises in these areas and may even find evidence of these animals in the form of droppings, nesting material or chewed acorns. Lewis Pest Control is prepared to not only remove the animal, but figure out how they got in and secure the entryway.

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